We are equipped with modern digital machines: XEIKON for quality printing 4/4 colors with a width of 500 mm and unlimited length (B2 and extended formats) and KONICA MINOLTA for color, as well as RICOH for black and white sheet printing in A3+ format.

This equipment allows high-speed, high-quality and low-cost printing of various graphic products in small and medium runs (posters, leaflets, flyers, tickets, brochures, books, catalogs, etc.) on all types of paper from 60 to 300 g/m2 .

Business cards, invitations

We produce all types of business cards, membership cards, invitations and similar products in digital technology and in combination with thermal stamping foils (gold, silver, etc.) and dry stamp on all types and all colors of cardboard.

Leaflets, flyers

We can print pamphlets, leaflets and similar advertising products on various types of paper from 60 to 250 gr/m2, in black & white or color, in various formats and in the form of sheets or bent in various ways.

Posters, hangers, billboards


We print posters and hangers on all types of paper and cardboard in sizes up to 50 cm wide, while the length is not limited (eg. B2 poster - 50x70 cm, 50x100 cm, 50x150 cm ...). In addition, we can print these products on blueback paper.


We produce tickets for various events with the numbering and special protection with a hologram, as well as various types of tickets for transportaion (single or ID) on standard paper and on adhesive with a special type of numbering, bar coding and special hologram protection.

Diplomas, certificates, acknowledgements

We print diplomas for colleges with numbering, stamping, hologram (as well as the Diploma Supplement). Also, we do various types of certificates and acknowledgments in digital technology with special decoration by hot and dry stamping in the standard as well as special types of cardboard.

Stickers, labels

We produce stickers and labels on self-adhesive paper, PVC materials, cuted, sliced or punched in various irregular shapes.

Blocks, forms

We print all kinds of advertising blocks bound in various ways (glue or spiral). Also, we do all kinds of forms on woodfree and copy paper.

Catalogs, brochures

We print catalogs and brochures on high-quality matte and glossy coated papers with exceptional print quality of photos and other graphical elements. Products could be additionally laminated with matte or glossy foil, and refined with hot stamping.


We print all types of black-and-white and color books and brochures on woodfree and coated papers bound in various ways (clamming, glue-binding, hardcover). Digital printing is especially suitable for printing a variety of professional books in color, especially in smaller circulations (1 to 500).

Calendars, planners

We produce all types of desktop and wall calendars on quality coated papers bound plastic batten or spiral. Particularly suitable is printing small series of calendars with specific designs with customer's photos. We also produce agendas personalized for a specific company.

Postcards, greeting cards

We can print various types of postcards with the possibility of making ''accordion postcards '' (bigger number of postcards combined in one). We also produce greeting cards on a variety of special papers with additional effects like stamping and they could be made in shape desired by the client.

Folders, boxes

We offer various types of cardboard folders and boxes that can be further enhanced with stamping or laminating. Digital printing enables very reasonable prices for lower production volumes (up to 500 pieces). In addition, we can produce various types of special folders in hard cover (thermal vinyl, leather, various bookbinding cloth) lined with special paper or canvas (silk) and printed in hot stamping technology.

Securities, variable data

We are able to produce securities on protected paper with a watermark and mottled fibers which are additionally protected by printing special numbering, hologram and dry stamp. We are especially equipped for printing variable data whick could to be used for gambling, sweepstakes or giveaways (lottery tickets, prize coupons tickets, various tickets etc.).

Paper bags

We produce paper bags of various types and sizes with laminating and a complete finishing. Special advantage is the possibility of favorable press in small series (500 units).

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