We are equipped with digital UV printing machine - Roland VersaUV LEF 300. This is the most modern and one of the best machinery in the series of flatbed printers. This machine offers superior print quality on a variety of materials, such as PVC, PET, ABS and polycarbonate, as well as soft materials such as TPU, leather and canvas, then glass, wood, metal and so on. Maximum print format is 330x770mm and the maximum height of printing object is 100mm.

The machine is ideal for printing on a variety of promotional items including pens, lighters, key chains, USBs, CDs, phone cases, personalized awards, gifts, coasters, covers for laptops, then industrial parts and prototypes, and so on. The possibilities are virtually limitless, so prints can be made on any 3D object.

LEF-300 has a CMYK (full color), the white color, as well as gloss and matte clear-coat for printing. This configuration enables printing on transparent and dark materials, as well as the possiblity to print in several layers on a single object in order to create landforms and scored a stunning print quality.

Since this is a digital printing, there is a possibility for personalization and numbering on products, as well as a rapid and inexpensive production of test samples.

Pens, lighters, key chains, USB

olovke small

We have ability to print in color with transparent gloss and mat ink on all kinds of pens, lighters, pendants and other various promotional products from various materials (plastic, wood, metal, etc.).

ID cards

id kartica small

We can print personalized ID cards in full color. Cards can be plastic and chipped cards.


rokovnik UV small

It is possible to print on a variety of bookbinding materials, leather and vinyl. A combination of UV printing with dry stamp on thermosetting materials is also a possibility.

Phone cases

maske za telefon small

We offer printing on phone cases according to Your wishes and Your design. Creativity in design is unlimited. It is possilbe to emphasize contours and textures, and with gloss and mat varnish amazing effects could be scored. We can even print directly on phones, tablets, laptops and other devices.

Various other items

razni artikli UV small

UV machine can print on various materials, so it is possible to make products such as paper, plastic or wood coasters. Also, it is possible to print on glass, and there is a possibility of printing on the balls for bingo, as well as a range of other products.

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