We have a two-color pad machine that allows us printing on a wide range of objects and materials (plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, wood, etc.) in one or more colors. We use one-component and two-component ink of the world's top manufacturer (Marabu), which provide durability of print with applying the highest graphic standards.

Pens, lighters, key chains

We print in one or more colors on all kinds of pens, rollers, fountain pens, lighters and key chains of various materials (plasticmetallised and metal) with a two-component inks that are resistant to abrasion.

Glasses, cups, ashtrays

We print on all types of glasses (glass, crystal, plastic), cups (porcelain, ceramics, arkopal) and ashtrays (glass, ceramic, porcelain, metal) with special colors that are heat treated and that are very resistant so they can be washed in the Dishwashers.

Other advertising material

We print on various decorative boxes (for drinking, gifts, etc.), watches, office kits, tourism and other items, on the bottles, tubes and many other items made of wood, metal, plastic ...

Contact & Info

Ivana Gorana Kovačića 203
78000 Banja Luka
Bosna i Hercegovina

Tel: 051/381-540, 051/922-398
Fax: 051/381-071
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Working Hours:
Weekdays from 08 to 16
Saturdays from 09 to 13
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